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How Are Cannabis Pre-Rolls Made?

Published: February 23, 2023

How Are Cannabis Pre-Rolls Made?

You might wonder how cannabis pre-rolled joints are made since their sales reached $1.5 billion in 2022. That market growth may have contributed to how analysts put pre-rolled joints into a separate category in the marijuana flower market.

Their convenience is also what makes them popular. Although there's no denying the satisfaction of rolling one up yourself, sometimes, you just need a hit. Pre-rolls can help satisfy that craving.

It's the same concept as pre-packaged meals. Just heat them, and you're ready to dig in. With pre-rolled joints, you buy them and light them up. When you start thinking about how they're made, you might wonder who grinds and rolls.

There are three processes that a pre-rolled joint might have gone through before landing in your favorite dispensary. In this post, we explore each method and dissect them to see what you would find in pre-rolls. Take a look.

Method 1: Machine-made Cannabis Pre-Rolls

Pre-rolling machines might be the main reason pre-roll sales increased by 50% in 2020. They make production efficient. There are high chances that the pre-rolled joints you find in dispensaries are machine-made. A cannabis pre-roll machine is just a vibrating hopper specialized for cannabis. Here’s a rundown of how it works:

The machine has a compartment at the bottom where you would put a tray. These trays have individual sleeves where you would place pre-rolled paper cones. The side of the paper cones with the filter goes down into the sleeves. So, the top part is open.

Someone will load ground-up cannabis into the tray above the open paper cones. The loose ground-up cannabis will fill each cone as the machine vibrates.

The machine will tamp the bud down to ensure each cone is full of the ground-up flower. A person can also do this with a small rod. Finally, the machine will fold the top part of the cone into a Dutch Crown to seal it.

Some people might associate machine-made cannabis pre-rolls with low quality because they are mass-produced. The same mindset comes from fast food burgers versus homemade burgers. There’s an element of love that’s just missing from machine-rolled joints.

Method 2: Handmade Cannabis Pre-Rolls

This method is just as its name suggests — people make these pre-roll joints by hand. At least one person will oversee the rolling of each product to maintain consistent quality. You can rest assured that a real person pays attention to every detail to ensure you have an excellent-quality joint.

Someone would crush cannabis flowers into the ideal texture to make them easy to roll into a joint. They would then carefully roll up the joint and add a filter before twisting the end off. These joints might be generally uniform, but they still feel unique.

Nothing beats the old-fashioned and traditional way of making joints. However, these pre-rolls might not be as readily available as machine-made ones. After all, mass-produced products can fill up store shelves much faster than one person can.

Their rarity can also make them valuable. So, expect to pay more for handmade pre-rolls than machine-rolled ones. Still, the extra cost will surely be worth it if you know that someone took the time and effort to roll the perfect joint.

The high quality of handmade pre-rolled joints is pretty much guaranteed. Since no machines are involved, the buds or flowers will keep the delicate trichomes. These things contain the plant's natural compounds that give you the effects you seek from smoking joints.

Machines vibrate trichomes off of the cannabis, losing its quality. You don't have to worry about that when someone rolls the joint. Essentially, you're getting all the best cannabis has to offer with a handmade pre-roll.

Method 3: Combination Machine and Handmade Cannabis Pre-Rolls

In the first method, we mentioned how a person would fill the machine with cannabis before it vibrates to fill the paper cones. This method is not entirely dependent on machines. Some pre-rolls combine the best of both worlds to maximize efficiency.

The process adds more human touches to several steps in making the pre-rolls. It all depends on the company making the products. They could prepare the joints by hand and have a machine roll them or the other way around.

Regardless of the method of making cannabis pre-rolls, everything comes down to the quality. Among the pre-roll consumers in the U.S., 37% are younger than 35. These people look for more potent products and wouldn't mind paying extra if they get a good joint.

What Makes Up a Cannabis Pre-Roll?

Every joint is unique, depending on who rolls it. It can contain ground buds or even more potent flowers. Before, cannabis pre-rolls were not even the main product that a company would offer. Instead, they would sell them using leftover cannabis from their main products to maximize their profits and minimize waste.

Now, brands recognize how lucrative pre-rolls can be and dedicate entire strains for their cannabis pre-rolled joints. They would use the same high-quality cannabis in their main product line. This way, you can enjoy the same potency as any of the brand's cannabis products in your favorite dispensary.

How To Tell if a Cannabis Pre-Roll Is Good

You might see an affordable cannabis pre-roll in a dispensary and instantly think it's mass-produced, machine-rolled. However, that's not always the case. It will all depend on the brand of the pre-roll you are buying.

Some brands offer low-priced cannabis pre-rolls without compromising quality. You can tell by doing some research. For example, Cloud Cover Cannabis has multiple awards, guaranteeing high-quality cannabis in any product. Each 1g Cloud Cover pre-roll is hand-packed with 100% indoor-grown full flower. Cloud Cover follows a strict process to remove all non-flower biomass through a rigorous screening process.

We proudly offer a range of cannabis items, including pre-rolls and concentrates. Having been featured in several publications, we are confident that even the experts recognize the high quality of our products. So, you can expect only the best from us.

Final Thoughts

Cannabis pre-rolls provide a convenient way of smoking without the need to roll one yourself. How they are made entirely depends on the company offering the products. Common methods include making them by machine, by hand, or a combination of both.

You might associate machine-made cannabis pre-rolls with low quality because they are easier to produce. However, machine-made ones can be as potent as handmade pre-rolls as long as the brand uses the best materials and ingredients in the joint.

Some companies stick to the traditional way of selling pre-rolled joints: to use leftover buds and flowers to milk as much money from their cannabis supply as possible. However, dedicated companies would use the same strains in their other cannabis items.

Cloud Cover Cannabis is among those dedicated brands that offer the best for their consumers. We proudly have a wide range of the best cannabis strains that we offer as pre-rolled joints. Use our store locator to find our high-quality cannabis pre-rolls in your nearest dispensary today! Rest assured that we maintain the best practices in all products carrying our name.