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Skill Speaks for Itself

Brought to you by longtime industry players, Cloud Cover crafts some of the industry’s finest cannabis.

With a highly curated genetic library—built over years of experimentation by an experienced cultivator—we craft flower with loud flavor and huge effect. Our experience is evident in every strain, striking the balance between the art and science of cannabis production. It’s small-batch, unmatched quality product we smoke ourselves.

The Great Indoors

Our facilities blend technology with pure cultivation skill. Best-in-class growers apply their expertise to each individual plant, while state-of-the-art tech controls every aspect of the facility’s environment.

Within individual rooms meant to replicate different stages of the growing cycle, a closed loop system cleans and cycles air with elevated H2O, while precisely balanced water delivers exactly the right amount of nutrients for optimal growth. We also incorporate an additional room that replicates the growing environments of spring, ensuring a healthy, vibrant plant and limits any transitory shock.

Cultivators check in on each individual plant throughout the growing process, tweaking nutrition plans and growing conditions to get the most from every bud. The knowledge and skill of a talented grower sets our flower apart by cultivating the best from every plant.

The care and quality shows in our final product—perfect buds, hard-hitting prerolls, and a variety of carefully extracted concentrates and cartridges. Cannabis in every form, for the true connoisseur.

Made For Us

Made For Us

Just like the cannabis we produce, Cloud Cover employees are a blend of old-school and new school techniques, skillsets, and experiences united by a passion to produce the finest cannabis products. In every state where we operate, we find the best of the best to bring their expertise to our products.

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