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Cloud Cover Cannabis Concentrates: The Differences Explained

Published: April 8, 2024

Cannabis concentrates, often called cannabis extracts, are significantly more potent than your average cannabis bud. Let's delve into the world of Cloud Cover Cannabis concentrates, exploring the different varieties and why you should drop by to pick up a few.

Our Concentrates

Cloud Cover Cannabis offers diverse concentrates, each with unique characteristics and effects. Our concentrates are 100% made from our award-winning indoor-grown biomass, with a special focus on single-source extractions to maximize potency and accuracy of terpene profiles.We have something for everyone, whether you're seeking a potent punch or focused on flavors. Let's take a closer look at our selection:

how cannabis concentrates are made
How are cannabis concentrates are made?


Diamonds are the result of time and pressure. Add in an obsession over our craft and it's the same for this form of extract. These large solid-crystal formations of THCa can be broken down to infuse a joint or can be smoked in a dab rig. They also are typically the highest level of THC among its types.

Diamonds and Sauce

>Combining precious diamonds in a bed of extra terpy sauce is common and provides discerning dabbers the best of both worlds with a high THC experience that is full-spectrum and full of flavor.


Small granular THCa crystals with high terp content and consistency of cake batter, and usually a bit more potent than the budders.


Granular crystals that sparkle in the light. This product is more of an isolate, we have removed most of the sauce (other cannabinoids and terpenes) giving a super potent product with low terpene content.


Harder, crumbly consistency making it sometimes easier to work with in handling. Also tends to be similar potency and terpene content to the budders.

Live Resin

'Live' Resin extraction is when the plant is flash frozen to ultralow subzero temperatures immediately upon harvest and kept frozen until extraction. This process preserves the trichomes and cannabinoids of the plant so that upon extraction, the material is as close to 'alive' as possible. Live resin extracts are much richer in terpenes than cured resins because the flash freezing process preserves all of the terpenes the plant has at the point of harvest. In the same way, the flash freezing preserves all of the cannabinoids at the point of harvest, so the live resins may also have a higher potency than a cured resin.

Concentrate vs Concentrate

Now that you've had a taste of the various concentrates Cloud Cover Cannabis offers, you might wonder what sets them apart from each other. It all comes down to their texture, potency, and flavor.

When it comes to texture, badder boasts a creamy, butter-like consistency. On the other hand, crumble has a crumbly texture that makes it versatile and easy to mix into a joint or crumble over a bowl. Diamonds and sauce differ from both, presenting a crystalline structure suspended in a terpene-rich sauce.

Regarding potency, each concentrate packs a punch in its own way. Flavor profiles also differ significantly. For example, Live Resin stands out for its robust flavor and aroma, thanks to the preservation of the plant's natural terpene profile.

Generally, the difference in each concentrate's texture, potency, and flavor ensures a unique experience for every user, catering to their individual preferences and needs.

cannabis concentrate butter / batter
Example Cannabis Concentrate

The Creation of Each Concentrate

The creation of each concentrate involves scientific processes that extract the valuable compounds from the cannabis plant.

  • Diamonds: Diamond concentrates from cannabis are produced through a process known as diamond mining or crystalline isolation. Cannabis extract, typically in the form of high-purity THC is slowly cooled and allowed to undergo a process of nucleation, resulting in the formation of crystalline structures known as diamonds. These diamonds are then separated from the remaining extract, often yielding a potent and visually striking concentrate with high cannabinoid content called the sauce.

  • Badder: The process of creating badder from cannabis involves a process of whipping the extract while purging.

  • THCa: THCa is a raw cannabinoid extracted from the plant. It can be processed into distillates and other concentrates.

  • Crumble: Creating a crumble begins with a crude extract purged in a vacuum oven. The end result leaves a waxy, malleable concentrate behind.

  • Live Resin: Live resin starts its journey with freshly harvested cannabis plants, immediately flash-frozen and kept at sub-zero temperatures throughout the entire extraction process.

  • Diamonds and Sauce: Diamonds and Sauce concentrates are produced through a multi-step extraction process. The extracted material undergoes a refinement process, with diamonds forming through crystallization, and the remaining sauce, a high-terpene liquid, is combined to create a potent and flavorful concentrate.

The Cloud Cover Cannabis Way

Cannabis enthusiasts can find concentrates in pot shops and weed dispensaries nationwide. However, not all concentrates are created equal. What makes Cloud Cover Cannabis genuinely unique is our commitment to quality and transparency. We specialize in single-strain extractions to honor the integrity of each strain's flavor and effects. We focus on single strain extraction products that are derived from 100% premium Cloud Cover biomass. We also provide detailed information about each cannabis strain and product on our website, allowing you to make an informed choice!

By providing this wealth of information, Cloud Cover Cannabis empowers consumers to choose the products that best suit their preferences and needs. Our processes also ensure premium quality and consistency with every product, guaranteeing satisfaction with every purchase.

Boasting an extensive and meticulously assembled genetic library established over years of dedicated research and cultivation by our seasoned growers, we produce cannabis flower characterized by bold flavor and powerful impact.

Whether you're looking for flower, pre-rolls, vape carts, or a concentrate with a specific strain, or simply want to learn more about the world of cannabis, Cloud Cover Cannabis has you covered.

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Shop Cloud Cover Cannabis Today!

Cloud Cover Cannabis concentrates stand out in the cannabis industry for diversity, quality, and commitment to transparency. Each concentrate offers a unique experience, catering to the preferences of a wide range of cannabis enthusiasts. Visit your local High Profile dispensary, and don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your cannabis journey. With Cloud Cover Cannabis concentrates, your path to a higher level of enjoyment begins!