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Cannabis Concentrates Most Popular Types

Published: October 28, 2022

What are the Most Popular Types of Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis is a highly multifaceted plant, with different consumption methods becoming more prevalent daily, ranging from inhalation to ingestion. With its subtle assortment of textures and flavors, cannabis has been modified into various forms for personal use. One form in particular that is seeing increasing popularity is cannabis concentrates.

Cannabis concentrates can be exceedingly more potent and flavorful with their high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) compared to regular-grade marijuana, thus making concentrates a top choice for cannabis enthusiasts. If you are interested in learning the most popular types of cannabis concentrates produced on the market right now, keep reading to know which cannabis concentrate will best suit your recreational experiences.

What Are Cannabis Concentrates?

Cannabis Concentrates
Cloud Cover Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates are — as their name suggests — highly concentrated forms of marijuana that are the product of distilling only specific parts of the plant. The extraction process needed to create cannabis concentrates leaves only pure cannabidiol (CBD) and THC without any excess plant remains. Compared to raw cannabis flowers, cannabis concentrates pack more cannabinoids and terpenes, leading to heightened effects and flavors you may potentially derive from any form of consumable cannabis.

Are Cannabis Concentrates and Cannabis Extracts the Same?

While the terms "cannabis concentrates" and "cannabis extracts" suggest that they are the same product, the two concepts have a nuanced difference. Cannabis extracts are a specific product falling under the umbrella of cannabis concentrates; they are concentrates that are formulated using a solvent.

Common solvents used for creating cannabis concentrates include alcohol, butane, and supercritical carbon dioxide. However, there are cannabis concentrates that do not rely on the use of a solvent and instead are made via mechanical means.

Most Popular Types of Cannabis Concentrates

Cloud Cover Cannabis Wax Dabs Diamonds
Cloud Cover Cannabis Wax Dabs Diamonds

Cannabis concentrates appear in all shapes and sizes, and each specific form of concentrate produces its effect for the user. Innovative methods in cannabis processing and concentrate production have led to the most popular types of cannabis concentrates today. If you are keen to try out and explore a new type of cannabis concentrate, discover the most popular types of concentrates below and the key information that makes each concentrate unique.

BHO-extracted Cannabis Concentrates

The use of butane as a solvent produces a cannabis concentrate called butane hash oil, or BHO. BHO is one of the most popular cannabis concentrates that exist right now and has been around for a long time.

To create BHO, cannabis undergoes a process called hydrocarbon extraction, where butane is used to rinse off plant matter and dissolve the chemicals THC and CBD, along with terpenes. After this, filtration is carried out to ensure those remaining impurities will no longer be present in the finished product, allowing for safe consumption by cannabis concentrate users.

One can find many different products formulated using BHO extracts available for purchase today. The main difference that underlies these cannabis-based goods is their individual appearance and overall consistency, with some products being smoother or more dense than others. For instance:

  • Shatter: This is a thin, brittle sheet of cannabis concentrate, usually transparent or amber in color. Its name derives from its tendency to "shatter" into tiny fragments when broken apart. The quality of a certain sample of shatter may be assessed through its color; darker shatter is considered lower quality and may contain more leftover products from the extraction process.
  • Wax: This is a less oily type of cannabis concentrate with a waxier, stickier texture, much like candles. Wax is generally yellow and often has to be handled with a dabbing tool for cleaner consumption. Wax also has subtypes depending on the type of oils used to create the product — moisture-rich oils produce gooey budder, while more delicate waxes are labeled honeycomb.

Before you purchase BHO-based cannabis concentrates, you must check whether your supplier is reliable to ensure that no traces of butane get ingested by your system. At Cloud Cover Cannabis, our products are of the utmost quality and suited to your safety.

CO2 Oil

Cloud Cover Cannabis Vape Pen Cartridges
Cloud Cover Cannabis Vape Cartridges (Carts)

CO2 oil is named such due to its thick and runny consistency, which stems from the unique way this product is formulated. In contrast to BHO-based products that employ butane as a solvent, CO2 oil uses supercritical carbon dioxide gas in the production process. CO2 is shot into a glass tube filled with cannabis flower, which strips off the chemical cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant matter. The extractor device then releases the CO2 as waste, which leaves behind a golden concentrate.

CO2 oil is commonly located in pre-filled vape cartridges and pens sold on the market. Some cannabis connoisseurs think CO2 oil is a more pure and flavorful cannabis concentrate due to the extraction process, which preserves more of the terpenes and natural flavors of the original marijuana plant. However, this is all a matter of personal preference, and BHO extracts and CO2 oil fit the needs of different individuals.


Distillates are a type of cannabis concentrate that is created through a distillation process. They are usually made using a type of solvent as opposed to rosin, and manufacturers often manipulate variables like temperature and pressure to create a unique profile of cannabinoids — thus producing a variety of tastes and effects.

Depending on what the extractor desires to include in their final product, distillates may contain terpenes or flavonoids, which can also appear in different forms. Both distillate crystals and distillate oil products are available for consumption.

Distillates can be significantly different from other cannabis concentrates because some distillate products are stripped down to a single cannabinoid — like THC and CBD — and completely reduce the levels of other chemicals present. While this can feel underwhelming compared to the experiences one can derive from more potent cannabis concentrates, you may be interested in using distillates if you are looking for a more specific subdued experience.

Cannabis Rosin

Cannabis rosin is a meticulously-made product that does not rely on the use of solvents but instead requires the application of heat and pressure on specific plant parts such as marijuana buds and kief. High-quality rosin is made by sifting marijuana flowers through multiple layers of plastic bags to separate trichomes. Afterward, a rosin press device is applied to separate cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant.

Cannabis rosin is touted for its purity and natural flavor, and many people find it an enjoyable product to dab. A balanced temperature range when dabbing cannabis rosin can provide one of the most pleasant experiences for cannabis enthusiasts.


Hash can be deemed a classic cannabis concentrate, as it does not rely on convoluted extraction processes. One method to create hash is by compressing kief together into greenish slabs, while others employ ice water and undergo a sifting process. Either way, most hash is smoked by itself or mixed with regular marijuana buds.

Cloud Cover: Your One-stop Shop for Cannabis Concentrates and Cannabis Strains Online

If you’re interested in purchasing any of the products mentioned in this article, look through Cloud Cover’s extensive assortment of cannabis concentrates and discover which concentrate is best for you. Cloud Cover also supplies a wide range of cannabis strains to cover all your cannabis needs — whether you wish to relax using a new type of cannabis strain or you simply want to fulfill your regular cannabis fix.

Recreational Cannabis is not available in all states. Cannabis is for medical use only and may only be used by certified patients in Missouri. State laws impact what dispensaries can and can’t sell to recreational customers and medical marijuana patients. Not every type of product, consumption method, dosage form, or potency mentioned on this blog will be permitted in all locations.